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Our vision is to become the largest property management company in Malaysia

How we started


AB Home start on since 2019 ,

We want to creat a romantic and relaxing for you.

What our Mission?


AB Home mission is to provide

MORE convenience, BIGGER spaces and CHEAPER prices. 


AB Home is an unique home stay that provide accommodation for Business and Travel. 


AB Home fully furnished spacious unit with comfortable interior design.


AB Home is Fully Facillity and Equipped, Spacious, Internet WIFI , More parking spaces, 24 hours automatic check in check out. 


Our promise to be grateful & sincerity & honest to customers.

Face all complaints with a smile, and help customers solve problems.

Even if it's not our problem and we will try be best.

Answer quickly when communicating with customers.

On the basis of adhering to the principles, we finally reach a result that is satisfactory to both customers and the company.

John Hong - AB Home Founder

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